Patterns of Growth in Guyana

Guyana’s economy is characterized by volatile production patterns in all of its key productive sectors. Notwithstanding, GDP growth, though declining, has been relatively healthy over the 10-year period, 2007-2016, averaging 4.2% annually (See Chart 1). Although the Mining and Quarrying sector, fuelled primarily by increasing gold production, is the only sector to experience strong growth […]

Emerging Markets Equity Investing: Never Waste a Crisis

Emerging-market equity investors are likely happy to bid goodbye to 2018—a year filled with challenges and uncertainties. Chetan Sehgal, Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity’s director of portfolio management, examines some of these challenges and uncertainties, and makes the case that investors may have been overreacting. He says many emerging markets were unjustifiably priced for crisis-type […]

Guyana, a frontier market in the making

Part 2 of 2 As a fledgling frontier market, Guyana is planning to take bold steps to improve its securities market infrastructure, revamp its regulatory regime, and digitize its operations. Work has also commenced on the digitization of the country’s National Payments System (NPS), which in addition to making the transactional banking process more efficient, […]

Guyana, a frontier market in the making

Seeking to modernize securities sector Part 1 of 2 Recognizing that its’ stock market can play a crucial role in the country’s economic development the Guyana government has announced plans to establish a modern capital markets infrastructure and revamp its regulatory regime. If the country successfully implements its plans, it could achieve frontier market status […]

Limiting the risk of investing in emerging markets

Multinational companies with significant operations in emerging markets provide a safer alternative to the stocks of local companies Clients who want to benefit from the growth potential of emerging markets but cannot endure the volatility associated with investing directly in these markets could look to invest in the stocks of developed-market multinational corporations that have […]

Beyond our borders

Many investors, including HNW clients, need to be educated about the world of opportunity in global markets   Many investors, including HNW clients, need to be educated about the world of opportunity in global markets Running up against the preference of Canadian investors for their own country is nothing new: despite years of effort by […]

Emerging markets offer diverse opportunities

Demographic trends, a rising middle class and increasing domestic consumption are among the factors that make emerging market increasingly attractive to investors Emerging markets are the future of global investing, according portfolio managers who specialize in these markets. Compared with their developed-market counterparts, emerging markets offer the opportunity to invest in a faster-growing and more […]

Prepare for the worst

You are required to have a plan in place should your business be disrupted by a natural or unnatural disaster, such as a storm, fire or cyberattack. Here are some ways to ensure you are prepared Disasters both natural and man-made can happen at any time without warning, disrupting your financial advisory business operations and […]